Fibre Readiness Certification

Fibre readiness certification (FRC) is a necessary step for all developers or owners intending to acquire the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). In accordance to the Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan, issued by the Government of
Singapore, we are familiar with process of obtaining an FRC and will provide a step by step guide for new property owners.

Engage a licensed NGNBN Contractor

Register & submit request for FRC

NetLink Trust (OpenNet) to verify the submission

NetLink Trust (OpenNet) to issue invoice

Payment within 15 business days
from invoice date

Issuance of FRC

Test Report to be sent by NetLink Trust (OpenNet)

To provide staff to usher NetLink
Trust (OpenNet) on the test date

NetLink Trust (OpenNet) to arrange best date